Thursday, January 23, 2014

Shellac Nails - An Outfits Best Friend

In this day and age there are so many options of well, everything. There are different types of shoes - different brands, different colours, different strap widths, different heel heights etc. there are different types of tops - halternecks, strapless, short straps, long straps, different patterns, colours, different lengths of the top even. So in a world of constant change if you want to stay on top of it all you need to have it all in perfect balance.
One thing you can stop worrying about is your nails, most of us paint out nails and lets be fair we touch them up, but if they have the odd crack then, it can wait. There is more important things to do. But now you can sort your nails out for a couple of weeks at a time; shellacs. 
The concept has been around for a while but not  everyone knows about it, so here goes, a couple of bits and bobs about shellacs.
1 - You can get them quite cheap, a friend might do them or even a salon can do them for a reasonable price.
2 - They can be done in so many different colours you'll never be short of a choice.
3 - They last for up to a month, you can pop a bit of cuticle oil on to keep the nails healthy but thats optional. 
4 - If you really want to you can start up your own stuff for about £50, but then each nail varnish is from £5-£10 each.
5 - You can still do patterns on your nails, just UV dry them and add the patterns on top!

So shellacs not only look good, can potentially save you money on the upkeep of your nails, but also don't damage your nails. So keep an eye out next time you walk past your local salon.

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